stepin out weekend!

first weekend of November! and were definitely starting to feel the cold breeze here in the north east! I’m currently at buffalo airport waiting for my flight.
I’m spending a weekend in California! i love to travel <3 but i also have to attend to some things while I’m there, but at least i get to feel the nice west coast weather before it starts to snow in Toronto!

I have endured quite a lot of jet setting this past summer that I’m learning my way into packing lightly, its such a hassle when you have too many bags to carry. although i think this time i might have packed too little for my convenience. so never hesitate on buying that cute little carry on with lots of pockets!! its so useful!  maybe I’ll do a some shopping while I’m here.

and may i also suggest, Expedia has really good deals on plane tickets, hotels, and packages. tickets are relatively cheap even if your booking at last minute. sign up for email updates! they always have sales on Wednesdays =P